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Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are a very important part of our culture.  Several years ago we were introduced to the world of vision impairment and blindness through our daughter (Rachel von Tungeln) who went completely blind.  Making all websites usable for people with a variety of visual impairments and disabilities is one of our top priorities.  Millions of Americans who rely on screen readers are met with a high percentage of websites that are not optimized to WCAG International Standards.

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Make Your Website Accessible To Everyone

Not only is it the right thing to do, you will also increase conversions and protect your business from a lawsuit.

Screen Reader Optimization

Alt Attributes
State Controls
ARIA Attributes
Icons & Buttons
Roles & Landmarks
Forms & Validations

Keyboard Navigation

Skip Links

Design Adjustments

Content & Display
Color & Contrast
Live Dictionary
Stop Animations
Mute Sounds
Focus & Emphasis

Full Compliance

WCAG 2.1
Section 508
EAA/EN 301549

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Real Customer Reviews

“When we first developed the site, Kat collaborated with us in what we wanted our site to have on it and she had great suggestions to making it easier to navigate and highlight the important things to make us look good! Since then, Kat has been SUPER responsive to our needs of making updates to reflect menu changes, specials and changes in our hours–all due to being a seasonal waterfront restaurant near Boston with outdoor seating. We can’t recommend highly enough!”

– Adrian M.

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