Our multi-stage process isolates infections, neutralizes them, and completely removes them from your computer WHILE MAINTING YOUR DATA!

Using our systematic approach, your data will remain intact.  Even in cases of severe infections that compromise the operating system, we can back-up your valuable data, reinstall the operating system and replace your data!

“Malware” actually includes many different problems on a computer including:

  • Viruses
  • Spy Bots
  • Trojans
  • Key Stroke Loggers
  • Root Kits
  • Adware
  • Boot Kits
  • Worms
  • Spyware
  • Registry Optimizers
  • Ransomware

While your system is being repaired, we can perform an optional post-infection Tune- UP to speed up your system, remove junk software, clear out temp files and improve security by updating your software to the latest stable versions.

Remember: The best way to be protected against malware infections is have “Kaspersky” installed and configured on your system.

-We start with a full system diagnostic.

-We verify the systems operating system integrity

-Full Malware Removal

-Full system updates, including service packs.

-Update common software

-Run our full system tune up

-Clean and remove dust.