We recommend Kaspersky, and here’s why…

The answer is in the numbers. Since January 1st 2011 we have looked at many hundreds of machines for a variety of issues. In 2012 alone, we saw 207 machines that were infected with malware that “were protected” by Norton, McAfee and AVG. This does not include additional machines with other “protection” software—and Yes, we saw MAC’s that were virus infected! During the same time period NOT ONE machine came to us with Kaspersky on it with any malware problems.

In 2011 we saw similar results: many hundreds of infected machines but only 2 cases of infections with Kaspersky protected machines. Both cases were in December 2011 and both machines each had the same virus—and thankfully we haven’t seen that since!

With the proven results of Kaspersky, this is currently the ONLY protection we recommend to our clients. We are so confident in its abilities when installed and configured properly that we guarantee its results. (We also realize that nothing is 100% effective 100% of the time…)


If Kaspersky “fails” and your machine gets an infection, we will completely remove the issues and perform a full tune up FREE OF CHARGE.

Here’s the “fine print”:

1. Software must have been purchased from the Good Geeks.

2. Software must have been installed by a Good Geek.

3. Software must be valid and active with the settings we used when it was installed.

4. If an infection is found, removal/ repair must be done in our shop, not “off site.”

5. If using Kaspersky on multiple machines, each machine must comply with rules 1-4.

6. Wiped, Reinstalled or formatted systems void the guarantee.

7. Virus Free Guarantee is good for 365 days from Kaspersky Installation.

8. There are other types threats / malware that Kaspersky will not catch these include Adware, Browser Helper Objects, Browser Toolbars, Tracking Cookies and other types of spyware.

Note: While very rare: embarrassing ads, downtime and lost files can happen and aren’t always fixable. Surf safely and back-up whats important. As always if you have any questions please call us.