We convert tapes, reels, cassettes and vinyl.

Tapes to DVD

$25 Per Tape


Reels To DVD

$25 Per Reel

8mm and Super 8 Silent Movies

Music to CD

$10 Per Side

Cassettes & Vinyl

VIDEO to DVD Conversion

Good Geeks can convert analog video tapes (VHS) to digital DVD’s which will play on most DVD players and computers. Our process makes a digital replica of your tape. We can NOT convert any copyright protected items (such as store bought movies).

We can convert the following:

  • Home-made family Video’s.
  • Security camera video’s.
  • Camcorder tapes (VHS-C).
  • For any other (specialty) size tapes please ask.
Audio Conversion

The Good Geeks can convert analog cassette tapes and vinyl records to digital CD’s . As part of the process you can choose either MP3 or Wave (analog) format on the CD. Our process makes a digital replica of your tape and as such we currently do not offer editing services. For 2 sided tapes and vinyl recordings, your newly created CD will have 2 tracks.

It is important to point out that the conversion process will NOT increase the quality of the recording by converting to CD. It will, however, be as good as the original media we have to work with and being “digital” won’t wear out over time like a cassette or vinyl record.

We can convert the following:

  • Home-made cassette tapes to CD
  • Store Bought Cassettes to CD.
  • Vinyl 33’s and 45’s to CD.


Our media conversion process places your videos, music and pictures onto archival quality disks.

Converting your media to DVD or CD takes at least one week.

Easy!  Just shoot us an email to support@thegoodgeeks.com with your order number and we’ll give you an update.

Not usually. VHS conversions that require more than 1 disk (Extended Play) costs $10 per additional disk. Copies of any DVD is $10.  Extra CD copies is $5 each.

Don’t live South of Boston, Massachusetts, but want to convert your tapes?  No problem!

Carefully box up your media and mail it to The Good Geeks! When the conversion is complete we will mail your media and the conversion media back to you via UPS Priority Mail.

The Good Geeks
540 Nantasket Avenue
Hull, MA 02045