Latest Netflix Scam

Another scam is going around the internet and its at a time of year where people are typically more vulnerable because of how much money we spend online.  We’re more likely to feel comfortable entering our credit card information because we’re extra busy and doing a lot of shopping online. This Netflix scam claims your […]

Don’t fall for this “hacked” email.

Essentially the email comes from your email address and is sent to your email address.  A “hacker” claims to have hacked your computer through your router, sometimes even listing a specific router and a specific time that you were hacked.. The scam email goes on to suggest that you were looking at adult websites and […]

The Netflix scam emails keep coming

Endless attempts each week come through our inbox trying to maliciously recover our Netflix login details.  Don’t be spoofed.  You will know if Netflix really needs to reach you the next time you login to your Netflix app or account.  Check out the one we got today.

Email Storage Phishing Scam

Don’t fall for this one.  If you have any doubts, contact your email provider directly by starting a new email message to your company or hosting company.  Don’t reply to these phishing emails or you may risk the security of your machine.

Email scam

This one comes from a Defend ID company and tries to lure people by fear into giving out their information.  If in doubt, forward us the email and we can tell you if it is real or a scam. Forward the email to  

Anti-Virus Expiration reminders

Just a brief announcement to let you know that we will no longer be sending out reminder post-cards to let you know that your Kaspersky anti-virus is going to expire. Saving time, postage and a few trees along the way, The Good a Geeks will now notify you by email about a month before your […]