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We’ve been in business for a long time and have had too many heartbroken customers walk through our doors that have lost their data.  Data is more than just electronic bytes of information.  Your pictures, Doctoral Thesis, your 4th grader’s living museum project, the financial books for your business and your music.  Losing the information in your computer is devastating and we’ve seen it too many times.

With the needs of our customers in mind we have looked at multiple back-up methods and programs that have come to the market over the years.  There are many ways to keep your data safe including backing up your data to a second drive, sending your data to the cloud, saving things in multiple places.  Most of us lead pretty busy lives (hats off to the independently rich who get to kick back and relax). The best way to keep  your data safe is to create a method of saving your information that is running in the background, it works while you work.

Our preferred method of backing up data is to set-up Carbonite with a local back-up drive.  This means you are backing up your files locally but also storing them with Carbonite.  It’s a double back-up method that leaves you and your files protected from any form of loss.

What’s the cost?

Protect your files with Carbonite cloud backup now!
Utilizing Carbonite to back-up your files locally and on the Carbonite servers is $99 per year (per computer).  It’s so worth it!


If you want to rely on Carbonite’s servers to back-up your files, the cost is $59.99 per year (per computer).

Give us a call and we can talk about getting you set-up or schedule a service call and we’ll come to your home or office. If you’d like more information visit

carbonite works! install, back-up, restore and access!

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