iPad / iPhone can’t get online

We recently ran into this issue.  A customer could not get online via their iPad and their iPhone.  It was extremely frustrating for them because they were unable to work outside of their office.  After doing some troubleshooting we reverted to the theory of K.I.S.S.  (Keep it simple, stupid)…  Us, not the customer.

We took a look at the date and realized that the date was off by several years (5/8/20208) but the actual date is 7/18/18.

The iPad / iPhone date is wrong

The fix for this is very simple.  You have to update the Date / Time settings.  We did this and the customer was immediately working again.

Here’s how you complete this simple step if you can’t get online which means you can’t check your email (either via cell network or wireless).

Step 1. Open up your IOS “Settings” and select “Date and “Time”

Step 2. Check your Settings where it says “Check Automatically”

Step 3. Where it says “Check Automatically” toggle this to green (on)

Step 4. Go back to your home screen and verify the date has updated.”

Step 5. Run a Speedtest via the app or go to www.speedtest.net

Voila. Fixed!

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