The Good Geeks prides itself on being able to help unravel the mysteries of the various technologies that are ever changing in an easy to comprehend manner. Whether it’s a quick question over the phone, or you’d like some extensive help, the Good Geeks are here for you.

We have been teaching “Tech” for many years and know how to deliver abstract geek concepts in easy to understand English without the techno-babble. We offer hands-on private lessons in our shop by appointment and also are happy to come to you as well. In a “Good Geek one on one” you get to sit at your machine and we will coach you through the difficult challenges you may have. We also have taught small group sessions that were hands-on in some retirement communities, and have given larger group presentations that were “lecture style” with extensive question and answer sessions on a wide variety of topics.

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How to Open and Send Email Attachments
Right Clicking


Digital Photography: How it all works
Digital Photography: Getting your pictures onto the computer
Digital Photography: Editing and Saving photos using Picasa
Digital Photography: Printing photos using Picasa

Digital Photography: E-mailing photos using Picasa
Digital Photography: Making CD’s or DVD’s the EASY way

Digital Photography: Screen Savers and Desktop Background


iTunes and iDevices: Basic Terms
iTunes: Building an I-Tunes library
iTunes Store: Buying music (by the track or by CD) safely
iTunes: Editing the information of songs and Organizing your music
iTunes: Importing Music From Alternative Sources
iTunes: Burning Music on CDs
iTunes: Synching an iPod to iTunes