Good Geeks are going back to the beginning….

Some of you think we shut our doors a couple of years ago when we went “mobile.” Other folks think we closed to run a restaurant.

The truth is, The Good Geeks are very much open for business. We have a lot of customers who are home bound or have a hard time leaving the house and being a mobile business has been fantastic to make sure all of our customers receive great, timely service.

Earlier this year Adrian (my brother) opened “Shipwreck’d at Pemberton” with his wife and business partner, Susie. If you are looking for a place that services breakfast all day, head to Shipwreck’d at 173 Main Street in Hull. They LITERALLY have the best views and blueberry pancakes in town.

I’m back (from Colorado) to run the family business. Since this isn’t the type of business where we don’t necessarily hear from our customers on a regular basis, it’s understandable that you may not be aware that we’re still here, beating your broken computers into submission… 🙂

If you need us, need advice or want to text us a picture of an error message, we’re here. If you get Todd on the phone, please go easy on him. He’s new to The Good Geeks and everyone loves him (so far lol).

Thank you for reading,

– Kat Wasabi
Owner & Founder of The Good Geeks
Mom of Rachel, Julie, London & Boston
Proud Member of the Hull-Nantasket Chamber of Commerce

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