Exciting changes for The Good Geeks

You may have heard a rumor that Adrian is opening a restaurant in Hull with his wife, Susie.  We are very excited to announce that this is true! Adrian and Susie are in the process of taking over Pemberton Bait and Tackle from Billy (William Dwyer) and renaming it to “Shipwreck’d @ Pemberton Point.” To find out more about Shipwreck’d you can visit their website by clicking on their new logo, or by visiting Shipwreck’d on social media.

The Good Geeks is not closing.

In fact, founding owner, Kat, is coming back from Colorado and will be the head Geek once again.

Who is Kat?

Kat and her husband, John, started The Good Geeks many years ago.  Together, they ran the shop on Nantasket Avenue for many years while juggling four small children.  As many of you already know, their oldest daughter, Rachel, had a terminal brain disease and passed away 2 years ago.  Their surviving children (“the triplets”) are now 15, 13 and 12!

Will The Good Geeks continue as a mobile business?

While we don’t have any immediate plans to open up another shop we are humbled that could change.

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