Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

The Good Geeks offers recycling of these items:

  • PC’s and Laptops  – $20
  • LCD Flat Panel Computer Monitors – $15
  • Fax machines, Scanners & Printers – $15
  • VCR, DVD, CD, Cassette, and Vinyl Record Players – $10
  • Cell Phones: $5

We offer FREE recycling of the following items:

  • USB Keyboards with wires: English, French, and Spanish
  • USB Mice with wires, cables and power cords
  • Network gear: working network switches, routers, and hubs
  • EtherNet cards and cable
  • Digital projectors and digital microscopes for school computer labs
  • Webcams, digital cameras, and camcorders
  • Microphones and earphones
  • Extra RAM (minimum 2 gigs)
  • Recent internal and external DVD drives
  • Extra Hard Drives for laptops or desktops (above 80 gigs)
  • USB thumb drives and USB hub/multi ports
  • UPSes (Uninterrupted Power Supplies) with working batteries only
  • Graphing calculators
  • Working and nonworking cell phones with their adapters 

What happens to the items?

Computer hard Drives are removed and given back to the donor so no personal information can be inadvertently passed on leading to possible identity theft.

Computer components are tested and sorted with the working components being collected and pieced back together (like Frankenstein).  The non-working pieces are sorted for the recycler, and the newly recycled / refurbished computers are bundled for donation to the World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange is a Hull based Non-Profit organization.  They restore working machines to be used in schools in many Third World counties.  We send as many useful items to them as possible.

What can’t be re-used gets recycled

As the need arises, the non-working machines and left over parts are picked up by a local recycling company. The equipment is broken down into scraps and is disposed of in a safe, responsible manner.