Spring Sale on Refurbished Computers

Spring time is here and we need to make some room.  We've lowered prices on a few of our high quality refurbished computers for sale.  All of our laptops and desktops come with a 90 day warranty on parts and labor. Have a question about one of our refurbished computers?  Contact us! VIEW OUR REFURBISHED [...]

Computer Scam Audio

You don’t often get to witness a crime taking place or hear what a scam artist tells someone to convince a person to hand over money.  We wanted to share the recording of an actual phone call with a scammer and what they say to make you trust them, fear that they might have a […]

Support World Computer Exchange

The Good Geeks are proud to support the World Computer Exchange, a Hull based Non-Profit. They are a fantastic local resource that we have used to donate used computers.  In turn, the WCE has helped to connect 4.75 million youth to the internet in 3,400 schools in 49 developing countries.  Please consider a donation to […]

Don’t fall for this “hacked” email.

Essentially the email comes from your email address and is sent to your email address.  A “hacker” claims to have hacked your computer through your router, sometimes even listing a specific router and a specific time that you were hacked.. The scam email goes on to suggest that you were looking at adult websites and […]

The Good Geeks at the Showcase

Good Geeks very own Kelly Regan featured her art work at the Hull Nantasket Chamber of Commerce’s Holiday Showcase this past weekend. Proud Pop and owner of The Good Geeks, Adrian Muir was there supporting Kelly and selling refurbished computers. Photo Credit: Patricia Abbate

Small Business Saturday 2018

Today is a day that small online businesses and locally owned shops and artists rely on to support themselves through the winter months. It has been estimated that on Small Business Saturday 2017, nearly $13 billion dollars were spent with independently owned businesses We are so proud to know and work with so many talented […]

The Google Screen of Death (GSoD)

We figure most people who have been using a Windows Computer have heard of the term “Blue Screen of Death” (BDoD). The Windows famous BDoD is a blue screen which alerts you to a catastrophic Windows error complete with error message (which might as well be written in Greek). This terrible blue screen appears right […]

iPad / iPhone can’t get online

We recently ran into this issue.  A customer could not get online via their iPad and their iPhone.  It was extremely frustrating for them because they were unable to work outside of their office.  After doing some troubleshooting we reverted to the theory of K.I.S.S.  (Keep it simple, stupid)…  Us, not the customer. We took […]

IOS (iPad, iPhone, iTouch) Parental Control App: OurPact

Having children with various Apple devices can be a little stressful.  We don’t want tech to babysit our children but we want them to be able to access the current technology so they don’t fall behind their peers.  Kids are getting laptops, tablets and  Chromebooks issued to them by school. Many children also have iPhones […]

Beware Spotify Customers

We have recently learned that scammers have been able to get through Google AdWords Security. If you need to contact Spotify by phone, do not google “Spotify contact info” or anything similar. People have been using Google to search for ten customer service number for Spotify and have been landed in a page that looks […]