Black Friday is Coming

Lots of our customers have expressed interest in getting a good deal on a new laptop, computer or television this week.  We’re happy to offer advice to make sure you make the right purchase for your needs.  Today we wanted to give you a few quick tips when selecting the best Black Friday technology bargains.

First, here are links to some of our favorite sites with, generally speaking, the best Black Friday deals out there (we post the full links so you’ll know that we don’t hide click bait anywhere on our site, ever:



Black Friday:


Now for a couple of tips….

1. When it comes to selecting a laptop, cheap is NOT the way to go. We don’t recommend anyone purchasing a computer that doesn’t have at least an i5 processor, preferably an i7. An i3 processor might be good for surfing the Internet and email, but would have a difficult time with rendering videos or playing even the most basic game. The bargain basement laptops are very disappointing for most people. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to laptops and desktops.

We also don’t recommend the purchase of any touch screen laptop. If something happens to your laptop’s screen (if it gets dropped and shatters or the screen stops responding to touch), and it needs replacing, you will find that it costs more to replace the screen than it costs to buy the laptop new again. They are very expensive to repair. Life happens and screens break so we really suggest that you avoid purchasing a laptop with a touch screen.

2. All TVs are not created equal. Refresh rates are very important when selecting your Black Friday television. If you’re selecting a television for a child who is going to watch simple cartoons, a cheap 60hz television might be the way to go. For most customers who want to watch sports or movies we suggest you purchase a television that has a refresh rate of 120hz or higher. Anything less than 120hz and you’ll see that hockey puck go blinking by the first time you watch the Bruins play. Hockey pucks are supposed to slide on the ice, not blink past you on your new screen.

2B. Stores don’t make any money when you buy a new TV or computer. The money is made on the cables and accessories that you’ll need to go with your new purchases and they are extremely overpriced at big box stores. We strongly suggest that you go to to purchase the required cables and TV wall mount brackets. You will save a ton of money.

3. Make sure you check the quantity of items being offered in the store before you head out to shop on Thursday night or Friday morning.  We’ve had so many upset and disappointed customers head out in the wee hours of the morning for a special deal, only to find out they’ve been competing with all of the South Shore for a whopping total of 3 black Friday computers.  3.  Total.  The stores figure they’ll get you in the store and you’ll buy the next best thing.  It’s a pretty sneaky tactic but it works.

4. We are offering and end of year T.V. installation special. Book your television installation by December 20th and we will install your TV before the end of the year. Not only that but we are also offering 20% off the install.

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